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Poincaré: Science and Hypothesis

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Science and Hypothesis, by Henri Poincaré is now available on books.sayahna.org in HTML5/MathML format. The camera-quality files for this public-domain ebook may be downloaded gratis at www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/37157. The source TEX file was produced using scanned images and OCR text generously provided by the University of Toronto Robarts Library through the Internet Archive.

Minor typographical corrections, regularizations, and presentational changes have been made without comment.

Title: Science and hypothesis
Author: H. Poincaré
Preface by: J. Larmor, D.Sc., Sec. R.S., Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge

Please click here to see the HTML/MathML version of this book.