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Prof KSS Nambooripad (KSSN) decided to release all his recent mathematical research as freely accessible content in whatever formats he could generate easily. To start with, KSSN decided to release the first part of a long book which he had been writing during his post-retirement years. The format chosen was HTML5 + MathML so that math content could easily be viewed and read in browsers that supported MathML, particularly, Firefox. PDF and eBook formats will follow soon.

Apart from sharing his research among fellow academics in semigroup theory, KSSN has the intention of telling the world how document sources marked up in TeX can best be used to generate several kinds of appealing outputs formats that ease communication of mathematics. The rationale of using TeX markup has been further explained here.

A NOTE ON MATHML RENDERING IN FIREFOX. Here are a few tips that would help view MathML marked up content in Firefox. You can find a lot of MathML fonts support information at Mozilla home. You might consider installing STIX Fonts if you are a serious user of MathML. In any Debian based GNU/Linux system, you might simply issue a command from the prompt:

  sudo apt-get install fonts-stix

A new add-on for Firefox is available here which greatly improves math rendering, in case, STIX fonts are not installed. The good thing is that Firefox does not restart after installing this add-on.

Now, let us read the books:

  1. Theory of Cross Connections
  2. Structure of Regular Semigroups

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