The Theory of Heat Radiation

Dr. Max Planck

Professor of Theoretical Physics in the University of Berlin


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Title: The Theory of Heat Radiation
Author: Dr. Max Planck
Release Date: June 18, 2012 [EBook #40030]
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Table of Contents4
Translator’s Preface7
Preface to Second Edition11
Preface to First Edition15

I  Fundamental Facts and Definitions

General Introduction21
IIRadiation at Thermodynamic Equilibrium. Kirchhoff’s Law. Black Radiation57

II  Deductions From Electrodynamics And Thermodynamics

Maxwell’s Radiation Pressure103
IIStefan-Boltzmann Law of Radiation127
IIIWien’s Displacement Law147
IVRadiation of Any Arbitrary Spectral Distribution of Energy. Entropy and Temperature of Monochromatic Radiation191
VElectrodynamical Processes in a Stationary Field of Radiation225

III  Entropy and Probability

Fundamental Definitions and Laws. Hypothesis of Quanta241
IIIdeal Monatomic Gases263
IIIIdeal Linear Oscillators285
IVDirect Calculation of the Entropy in The Case of Thermodynamic Equilibrium305

IV  A System of Oscillators in a Stationary Field of Radiation

The Elementary Dynamical Law for The Vibrations of an Ideal Oscillator. Hypothesis of Emission of Quanta315
IIAbsorbed Energy321
IIIEmitted Energy. Stationary State339
IVThe Law of the Normal Distribution Of Energy. Elementary Quanta Of Matter and Electricity357

V  Irreversible Radiation Processes

Fields of Radiation in General397
IIOne Oscillator in the Field of Radiation411
IIIA System of Oscillators421
IVConservation of Energy and Increase Of Entropy. Conclusion435
Author’s Bibliography469
Appendix I473
On Deductions from Stirling’s Formula473
Appendix II483